A unique variety of algae called red microalgae Porphyridium sp. survives in the unforgiving environment of the oceans’ tidal zone. What is the secret behind this algae’s uncanny ability to preserve, and how can this knowledge help you achieve and maintain a youthful appearance? Researchers at Frutarom have unraveled this mystery to produce a beauty compound they call Alguard™.

Through years of study, Frutarom’s researchers learned that the red microalgae Porphyridium sp. emit a protective polysaccharide. This polysaccharide protects the algae from draught, extremes in temperature and the sun’s harmful ultra violet B rays. Using this knowledge, Frutarom developed a beauty compound they call Alguard™, derived by extracting this polysaccharide from algae grown in a controlled laboratory environment.

The algae are fed only nature’s nutrients and minerals, without synthetic compounds. Using an environmentally friendly approach, the algae are monitored until the sulfated polysaccharide reaches maximum density in the salt water medium. Alguard™ is then derived from these polysaccharides extracted from the medium using a natural process with no reagents or solvents. Alguard™ is thus natural and environmentally-friendly.

The molecular composition of Alguard™ contains negatively charged glucoronic acid, which forms a mesh-like protective surface evenly across the skin. When someone puts Alguard™ on their skin, the effect is both immediately noticeable and provides protection over the long-term. Within thirty minutes of applying Alguard, the skin begins to look noticeably younger, with the effect lasting all day. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is typically reduced by 20 percent, with a 24 percent improvement in the skin’s texture. After application of Alguard™, the skin is glowing and revitalized.

Alguard™ guards the skin in three ways over the long-term to promote the facial health and vitality. Frutarom calls the first effect InsultGuard; Alguard™ protects the skin against environmental irritants, oxidation and inflammatory agents. Over the long term, evidence suggests that InsultGuard minimizes the effects of aging.
MicroGuard is the second effect Alguard™ has on the skin. Alguard™ actually prevents microbes from adhering to the skin. The fewer problems that your skin must defend against, the less potential there is for long term damage, such as scaring due to acne.
A third effect of Alguard™ is called SunGuard. As with the algae it is designed to protect, Alguard™ protects the skin from damaging sun rays, which have been associated with skin damage.

Using science to promote beauty, Alguard™ is derived by an environmentally-friendly process, is not animal-based, and is superior to competitors’ products. Alguard™ is odorless and has a white color.

It is chemically stable and can be added to most creams without degrading its beauty properties. As research in this area is promising, look for creams that contain Alguard™, as this compound will be in high demand.

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