Designing Your Home With Wood

Wood is the most versatile building material there is for all kinds of projects, both inside and outside your home. The style of wood design can range from rustic to sophisticated or anything in between.

Wood can have a natural finish that shows its texture and grain or be painted any color, disguising the material underneath. While generally inexpensive, some exotic woods and rarer species are quite costly.

There is almost no limit to what wood can be used for in and around your house.

Wooden Floor Design Options

wooden floor sample

There are many options when considering the use of wood for floors in your home. Most hardwood laminates are attractive, inexpensive and easy to install. Bamboo, which is a woody material, is currently very popular.

It comes in a variety of styles, and as it grows very quickly, can be sustainably harvested. Reused wood salvaged from buildings undergoing demolition is another sustainable option.

Wood Trim Finishes and Details

Wood is the most common material for window trim, baseboards and molding. These features provide an opportunity for unique details and finishing. A clear finish will show the character of the wood and give a natural look to your home. Looking through home magazines or websites may give you ideas for interesting wood design details. Your builder can most likely use a router to add special touches to your trim and molding.

Ways to Use Wood Outdoors

There are also a number of uses for wood in your home landscape. Though wood decks are an obvious example, do not forget pergolas, gazebos and wood fences. Outdoor furniture for the the deck or patio can be a rustic wood design or something more elegant. Pressure-treated wood will last for well over a decade, weathering to a soft gray color. Sustainably produced tropical hardwoods are also weather resistant choices for outside use.

Wood Focal Points and Special Features

If you are working with an experienced woodworker or if you are an adventurous do-it-yourself type, consider adding a unique wood feature as a highlight in your home. A length of tree trunk could be used as a supporting column inside or on your front porch. An unfinished tree section can provide a point of contrast in an otherwise contemporary, modern home, while also making a visual connection to the surrounding natural environment.

Wood is remarkably useful building material for those who like traditional styles and finishes, as well as, those who like to think outside the box. A little creativity will make your design with wood an integral and special part of your home.

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