Secure Your Assets with Security Glass

What if you knew there was an assailant lurking and waiting for a moment penetrate the weak spots in your building’s security design? What if that person could spot the vulnerabilities in your exterior defense?

A Primary Line of Defense

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When there’s only a thin piece of glass between the outside world and what’s important to you, the type of window glass in place really counts. That’s why security glass is such an asset to any commercial or private building. Security glass is transparent and works the same as regular window glass. The difference is that protective glass can deter assaults, protect inventory, and save lives.

There are a lot of threats in the world. It is important to anticipate a possible assault on your commercial property or private building. When it comes to highly-populated areas, keeping employees and the public at large safe becomes an important objective as well as an important liability. It has become a common practice for high-profile buildings to be fitted with bulletproof glass.

It can be difficult to monitor and patrol every inch of a property, but having attack-resistant glass in place instead of easily breakable windows adds a layer or prevention and protection that is unmatched by even the best-trained security detail.

Where Can Security Glass Enhance Safety?

When you are dealing with safety and fortifying a property, you need to guard yourself with security glass that can withstand intentional impact and blasts that come with an aggressive forced entry attempt.

In the face of gunfire, you need to make sure you have a durable front line of defense against an attack. When it comes to commerce areas such as banks teller windows or gas station attendant windows, having protective security glass is crucial. This means that in the face of an attack, not only is the worker protected from a weapon assault, but money is also protected.

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Security glass doesn’t just work in one-on-one zones such as teller booths. It is ideal for large windows at airports, military installations, and public places that hold valuable property, such as museums and galleries.

Keeping a Low Profile

The best part is that security glass is so discrete and natural that the general public will have no idea that they are fortressed by it. The inconspicuous appearance of security glass makes it ideal for private homes as well. In addition, vehicles can be outfitted with security glass to ensure that if they become a target, the passengers and cargo will be protected in case of an artillery assault.

Factoring in the Benefit

Laminated security glass can save lives and protect valuable property. Assaults and property invasions are simply a part of life.

It can be impossible to predict when an attack will strike. Having a line of defense that is impenetrable against bullets is the best way to deter an attack and let a situation play out with the least amount of damage or personal casualties.

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