Communication Systems

In The Beginning

Once upon a time when there were no “Systems” for communication people only used very simple ways to communicate. Usually, using verbal and signs only.

This meant that they were limited to very short distances – distances from which one person could see the other. Communication Systems were visual only.

Communication Systems began with the Telegraph in 1831. Samuel Morse (the Morse Code is named after him) invented the first repeater and the telegraph that is how the telegraph was born.

Following that, in 1837 Charles Wheatstone invented the “electric telegraph” which is the next step in Communication Systems and in 1849 England toFrance telegraph cable goes into service (however, is fails after 8 days). More and more improvements are made on the existing Communication system, the telegraph. In 1850 Morse patented the “clicking” telegraph and in 1851 a commercial telegraph service is established between France and England – one which does not fail and survives.

After that came the first transatlantic telegraph, followed by the transcendental telegraph line completed in 1861, and not long after that, in 1865, the first ever transatlantic cable begins its services.

Inevitably a commercial transatlantic cable was also completed between the England and Canada with a land extension to the United States.

That’s how it all began, and much more was to come in the decades and centuries that will follow.

The Following Years

How did the development of Communication Systems continue? How did it develop throughout the years? The typewriter was next….. What did we do before the typewriter. Well, the first typewriter was invented  in 1875 and the year after that the radio was invented independently by two people, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisa Grey (some claim that the radio was invented long before that, in 1857, by Antonio Meucci.). The Communication Systems giant AT&T is established in 1885, which is the first sign of how Communication Systems are to “rule” the world and eventually takeover our lives……

History in the making continues with the verification of the existence of radio waves (in 1887 by Henrich Hertz) and several more wonderful inventions which will design model our everyday lives into what they are today. Things such as the automated telephone switch, the radio transmitter/receiver and many more.

Entering the 20th Century

Communication Systems continued its rapid development, making our lives easier and more accessible. With every new Communication Systems invention and revelation, it seemed as if life wasn’t the same before it….

By 1924 the first video signal is broadcast and in 1927 the first commercial transatlantic radiotelephone service begins. Not long after , in1929, the CRT display tube is invented and the FM is invented by Edwin Armstrong in 1935.

In the years to come the blitzkrieg and WW II are made possible by wireless and mobile radio systems go into service.

A new era begins in 1957 when the first artificial satellite, Sputnik goes into orbit. The rest is history.