How to choose the right sofa?

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A new sofa isn’t a decision you want to make standing up. The experience of picking out the perfect sofa is one that requires the use of all your senses.
Sofas store

It’s important to become an informed buyer before shopping for a new sofa for your family room, living room, or den. The following guide can help you align your priorities and track down the perfect sofa to fit your lifestyle.

Settle on a Size
Size is the first factor to consider on your sofa journey. Always measure the space where the sofa will be placed instead of relying on a visual estimate. Nothing makes a room feel cramped and uncomfortable like a sofa that is simply too big.

Many people have the best intentions when they opt for a jumbo sectional sofa. However, this style frequently closes off a room other than an exceptionally large and open space.

Avoid Fabric Follies
It can be tempting to follow sofa trends. Furniture stores are stocked with contemporary designs full of busy patterns and kitschy floral embellishments that can make your living room look like a page out of a trendy magazine. You’re better off buying a sofa you can love today and still love ten years down the line.

Trendy patterns and loud colors have lured many sofa shoppers into a lifetime of regret. It’s wise to shop for sofas in neutral shades and add your own splash of color with pillows and blankets.
Leather is a fabric option that has stood the test of time. Leather sofas tend to cost slightly more than fabric counterparts because leather has better endurance and longevity.

Recline or Decline?
Many sofas come with a built-in reclining function. This can feel like the ultimate choice for relaxation. Reclining sofas are a fabulous idea for households with adults and older children.

However, this style isn’t always the best choice for people who have small children and small pets living in their house. The reclining mechanism beneath the sofa seats can pose a danger for children, cats, and small dogs to get stuck when adults aren’t looking.

Make Sure You Don’t Go Too Low
The day will come when you will have to clean and vacuum around your new sofa. It’s important to concentrate on the amount of space between the sofa’s legs and the floor. Is there ample room to fit a vacuum nozzle? Is there a risk that dust and dirt will be trapped beneath the legs because they are too close to the floor?

Those are both really important questions to answer before you drag a sofa home. The inability to properly clean under a sofa can lead to dangerous levels of dust and allergens lurking inside your home.

Don’t Forget to Sit
The most important deciding factor is how a couch feels when you sit on it.
Take a moment to close your eyes and sink into each sofa you are considering:

Can you see yourself sitting on it night after night?
Does it offer enough support?
Is the length enough to accommodate a comfortable nap?

Every person’s comfort standards are different and you must decide if your new couch meets yours. Choosing  a sofa is a serious decision. Make sure you choose the right one.