Neodymium Magnets and Medicine

Therapy using Neodymium Magnets

Using magnets for therapy is considered a very safe and non-invasive method. This approach uses magnetic fields (Neodymium Magnets included) on the body for healing purposes. It quickens the body’s natural healing and gives the body natural pain relief without any side affects.

Using magnets medically is not new to the world of science. As “science fiction” as it sounds, magnets have been in use for thousands of years and their advantages enjoyed throughout the centuries, beginning with ancient eastern civilizations. Using different magnets (among others, Neodymium Magnets) assists in bodily pain relief, isolated as well as chronic.

How Neodymium Magnets are used for Therapy

Different magnets (like Neodymium Magnets) are used in various applications, from the reduction of scars to the treatment of the body’s internal organs. It is agreed among scientists that increased blood flow to the area under the footprint of the magnet is one of main influences magnetic treatment has on the human body.

This has been studied and re-tested several times in thermo graphic as well as nuclear medicine research. Additionally, there has also been proof of pain resistance phenomena in specific nerve fibers connected to the use of magnetic fields. Scientists have been able to show changes in the electrical ability of nerve cells that raise the pain threshold and ability to transmit impulses, using magnetic fields.

Athletes use the Power of Neodymium Magnets

Many athletes use magnets for therapy. Some of them use a magnetic mattress pad to sleep better while others use them to enhance their performance on the field.

Magnetic therapy and the use of different magnets including the powerful Neodymium Magnets has become the hottest trend among athletes in the professional arena. However, magnet fields go back to ancient times.

It is even believed that the ancient Olympic athletes have used them. In the same manner that the public is influenced by athletes in fashion and language, they are also influenced in the field of alternative healing.

It is estimated that the American people spend approximately $500 million per year on magnetic pads, bracelets, back wraps and many more products. The more athletes add brand-name magnets to their endorsements, the more the trend becomes lucrative to its manufacturers, together with sportswear and health food.