Neodymium Magnets and your Health

Neodymium Magnets are rare-earth magnets which are produced from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron. These magnets are considered to be the strongest type of permanent magnets in the world.

Neodymium Magnets can help improve circulation and oxygen levels in your body as well as reduce tension. Advocates of magnetic therapy argue that Neodymium Magnets can also help decrease chronic pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and other mental and physical symptoms.

Healing your Body with Neodymium Magnets

Certain physical diseases like Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have the tendency to complicate certain sicknesses that are submissive to Neodymium Magnets and magnetic therapy, a growing in popularity medical solution.

Until not long ago, researchers believed that life was mainly a biochemical process. The notion that those magnetic fields (including Neodymium Magnets) could have a significant impact on living systems was inconceivable. However, this has changed quickly and many researchers now hold the belief that at a certain level the human body is basically an electromagnetic being.

The extreme change has very important medical aspects due to the fact that modern medicine has been focusing on biochemical processes. If the understanding is that these processes are affected by our electromagnetic being, any sort of healing perspective that focuses entirely on them will inevitably be limited.

The History of Neodymium Magnets and Medicine

Magnets (including Neodymium Magnets) have always been considered part a doctor’s “arsenal”. Many past civilizations such as the Arabs, Chinese, Hebrews, Egyptians etc used magnets to heal different ailments. It is told that Cleopatra used to wear a magnetic talisman on her forehead in order to keep her youth.

The specific spot positioned it right near the brain’s pineal gland which is known to be magnetically sensitive. One of figures who had a great influence on magnetic healing was Paracelus who aided in carrying out medicine from the Dark Ages.

He understood role various energetic forces played in healing the human body, including magnetism. In essence Paracelus argued that that a magnetic force could energize our bodies and help with self healing. In America, the usage of magnets in different forms (including Neodymium Magnets) increased dramatically following the Civil War.

People even had the magnets ordered via catalogues. As the century turned, one could find an enormous amount of writings on the subject. However, as a medical approach, magnetic therapy became more and more obsolete, until not long ago at which time its shortcomings have become more known.