Satellite Communication Systems at Sea

Cellular phones are a wonderful solution for communication as long as one stays close to shore. They are easily and most effectively used if you are in a 5 mile range from the shoreline. The difficulties begin once you want to head out and still be able to remain in touch. At this point the only existing alternative until not long ago was the very expensive IMARSAT system.

In nowadays however, it looks like staying in touch can be less expensive by using Satellite Communication systems.  What happens is that once out of the ground-based systems’ coverage, communication automatically switches to satellite mode, using the Satellite Communication System on board?

Usually the satellite phones are similar (in operation and in size) to the familiar mobile or fixed phones. Sometimes they are slightly larger. The significant difference is that they can be used almost anywhere.

Who uses Satellite Communication Systems at Sea?

Satellite-based telephony services (as part of the Satellite Communication system) are targeted towards different users. Among them, cell phone users who roam beyond coverage areas, individuals who work or live in parts of the world where terrestrial systems are not available, international travelers who must stay in touch at all times etc.

The VSAT (Very Small Apparatus Terminal) is aimed to be a stable solution for ships in need of communication at sea.  Sea VSAT is the use of satellite communication through a terminal on a vessel at sea. Since such a vessel sea shifts in the water the antenna needs to be stabilized with reference to the horizon and the direction of the ship in such a way that the antenna is always pointing at the satellite it uses to transmit and receive.

Presently, VSAT is considered to be the most effective method to connect between ship and shore. It’s also the most reliable and cost effective solution. Usually coverage includes internet access, messaging and voice services, tracking and these are only a few of the many services available once using Satellite Communication Systems at sea.

Satellite Communication Systems and Internet at Sea

Among other things, Satellite Communication Systems at sea offer Internet access and IP-based communication. The equipment associated with these services is designed specifically for maritime use and is stable enough to survive during rough marine weather conditions. The Satellite Communication System should be able to imitate any performance provided by the standard terrestrial voice and data network.