Satellite Communication systems

Satellite communication systems have been around since the 1960’s. Looking back now, in 2010, one wonders where the world would be without satellite TV, without the option to communicate with one another even when on rough terrain in the middle of nowhere, how soldiers would be in touch with their families while on the field.


But we don’t really have to wonder, do we? Some of us actually remember TV with only 1-2 channels, payphones with dimes, writing letters and waiting week if not months for them to arrive. Fortunately for us – we live in a world where satellites facilitate communication and make our lives much easier.

So, how do satellite communication (SATCOM) work? In simple words – you need a satellite and a ground station and you’re good to go…. Of course, for your satellite communication systems to work you’d need to launch a satellite into space and configure, program and manage your ground station but…you get the idea.

Satellite communication systems connect the world

Satellite communication systems are used in many fields ranging from the traditional telecommunication, through cellular (satellite phones), TV signals, marine communication, commercial jets and of course GPS (Global Positioning Services).

So next time you turn on your GPS to find your way to hip party you’ve been invited to at the new café in town, or when you get a call from your brother serving in Iraq, or when you find our your flight is re-routed to another airport due to weather and can simply call your family or clients from the plane….remember those satellites orbiting earth and the satellite communication systems that make this all possible.