The truth about Israel

Like the sand through the hour glass…

Israel as a country was established 62 years ago. Israel as a land, as a home for the Jewish people is alive and kicking for thousands and thousands of years.

In fact, amidst all three major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – Judaism has the earliest documented history in the form of ancient scrolls, books, coins, medals, and cloths. Within the pages of those scrolls and books, some believe the words create a holy legitimization to the Jewish people who wish to populate the land of Israel.

The sand of human history flows through the hour glass and exposes new dilemmas for Jewish people to struggle with. The historical connection some Jewish people have to the holy land is undeniable, and is on its own a massive part of the truth about Israel, that is left unspoken.

This connection also appears in other religious scriptures, where Israel is mentioned as the land of Judaism, as a home for its Jewish sons and daughters. Either in the New Testament or in the Koran, you can see such notes. Unfortunately, that historical connection, that speaks to so many Jewish people in Israel and abroad, comes in contrast with the situation in the land of Israel today.

This contrast is due to the simple fact that other people also see Israel as their homeland, and they too rightfully claim for such historical connection. Judging who is entitled to the land of Israel is not simple.

The truth about Israel must be told

Thus, many people all around the world have a false impression and erroneous facts about Israel. As long as hateful organizations keep on feeding lies to the media, the one and only truth is kept quiet. And that truth is, that things are more complicated than they seem. People are more complicated than they seem.

Sometimes, it seems that whenever something is happening in Israel or throughout the world, which involves Muslims and religion, Israel is to blame. Israel is many times portrayed as the bad guy, while reality is different. Israel is not a blood thirsty monster who wants to delete all Muslims from the face of the Earth.

Israel is merely a country, a homeland, whose trying to survive in a hateful environment.

Always carry the truth about Israel in your heart

Although history is sometimes hard to remember, and can be misused, people who forget their history are bound to repeat it.

Don’t let the radical opinion take the place of the truth. Don’t let hate take the place of love. Don’t let war take the place of peace.

Try to be loyal to the truth about Israel: It is the home of people, flesh and blood, who make mistakes, but also want for themselves and their families what everybody wants – a simple peaceful life!