What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable construction is a concept which encompasses the use of various different practices used during the process of designing, constructing, and operating a building.

Using green building supplies and materials is a major part of Eco-friendly construction resulting in green building. Green building materials have many proven benefits to the owner of the building, the people who occupy the building, and the surrounding environment.

Buildings made with green construction reduce maintenance cost, conserve energy, improve the health of people who occupy the building, and offer designers more options for building configurations and renovations.

What Are Eco-Friendly Green Building Products?

Using green resources conserves the depleting natural, non-renewable resources being consumed by the billions of tons each year. Green building supplies also reduce the impact from transportation, fabricating, etc. So what qualifies as a green material or product? Simple! Green building supplies are those made of renewable resources and those which minimize their impact on the environment.

A green material is measured over the lifespan of the product and usually meet specific criteria.

In general, this criteria includes:

Efficiently Resourced

Meaning products that came from recycled materials or natural/plentiful/renewable sources. This criteria also includes products which were manufactured within highly efficient processes like those that reduce energy consumption, minimize greenhouse gases, and minimize waste byproducts. Within this category are also products that were resourced locally to save on energy and transportation costs.

Efficiently resourced items also include those which were salvage, refurbished, or remanufactured and repurposed in the construction project. Things encompassed in this criteria include the products themselves as well as packaging.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

When products improve indoor air quality in certain ways, they meet eco-friendly criteria. Materials that put out low or no carcinogens (cancer causing agents), irritants, and other toxins qualify as green materials. Green materials also reduce the growth of toxic mold.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient building materials reduce the amount of energy which is consumed during the construction process as well as the operation of the building itself.

Conserves Water

Like the energy conserving criteria, water conservation during the building and operation of the building qualifies certain materials as green products.

Increases Affordability

To meet this criteria, products must cost lower to maintain and operate over the product’s life cycle.

Why You Should Make Green Building a Priority?

As a human being on this planet, it is your natural responsibility to do your part to conserve resources and improve upon the quality of life for your fellow human whenever possible. Using green products in building makes a huge difference – second only to the auto industry, construction has caused major problems around the globe.

Companies like All Paving & Sealcoating use both environmentally friendly products and practices and have teamed up with organizations in their area to help improve upon the community around them.

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