Wireless Optimization Can Fix Your Sluggish Connection at Work

It’s really hard to picture a life without wireless access and wireless networks. Gone are the days when offices were wired to a slow broadband connection to access the web. No longer are people tied to their desktops or plugged in laptops to access a sluggish and frustrating network.

Wireless connections allow you to travel, be it to the conference room or outside of the office, and have allowed for a massive increase in productivity across the board.

The problem is, wireless networks are not bullet proof and can some times come with their own unique set of problems. A slow wireless connection is just as bad as the old days of dial-up — after all, what’s really the difference between being kicked off the network by a phone line or having your pages time out?

At the end of the day, the inability to access a network will cost you big time, wired or wireless. If your business is running into LAN connectivity and performance issues, optimization can get your business network back up to speed. Discover some of the most prevalent problems, which could be degrading your wireless networks.

Why Your Wireless is Bogging Down

Wireless Optimization experts note that many businesses share common problems with their wireless networks. Check out some of the most common issues businesses experience with wireless networks.

Old Security Standards are Being Used

This issue really gets people confused sometimes, but having the latest in wireless technology means nothing if it doesn’t support older types of encryption and authentication.

Wired Infrastructure Problems

One of the most common issues with wireless networks is that the wireless access points are outdated and need to be changed.

Wireless Network Over-subscription and Data Overload

This problem occurs when the wireless network coverage is not sufficient for the actual use. When too much data is coming through one access point, the network can be slowed to a crawl. This may happen because the number of users on the network or because software applications on computers are running in the background of your various machines and using up network resources.

These are all starting points and there are many different programming and software issues that can impact the accessibility and speed of your wireless connection.

Professional Wireless Optimization Services

Few people fully understand wireless networks without extensive education and training. Using professional services from companies like Mobilsense bring wireless management and optimization services to your fingertips without having to hire a full time, in-house IT professional.

The professional process begins with analyzing networks to pinpoint problems, eliminating problems that are bogging down the network, and continuously monitoring the system for issues to ensure lightening fast connections. Wireless optimization business solutions can greatly improve the efficiency of your company’s network.