Ferrite magnets

Man-made ferrite magnets

The historical evidence and testimonials tell us that throughout history men were using Earth’s natural resources for their survival and later on for their benefit. First to be recruited to human service were water, the animals and the plants which fulfilled the most basic needs – eating and drinking.

Survival was the name of the game. But several hundred years later and after several brain changes, came technology and lo and behold! We were able to dig, to compose, to mine and to build labs where we’d mix different substances and matters to create a new chemical compound which the world had never seen before. Thus, we took the gifts from Mother Nature and transformed them to other things, shaped them and mould them to fit our own ever developing needs.

One of the greatest inventions the modern era has brought upon us is man-made magnets, especially ferrite magnets. These stand for a group of magnets that are manufactured in a lab after years of academic researches and empirical experiments. Ferrite magnets are widely in use in many fields of today’s world, and thinking back we should be thankful for their presence in them.

Ferrite magnets – uses and qualities

The chemistry lab gave us and still gives us an endless list of substances and compounds which function as a matter in its master’s hands. New advances in technology back in the fifties enabled us to produce the ingredients to create the ferrite magnets.

We are not only able to manufacture them in the shape we want them to be, but we can also affect the direction of the magnetization thanks to the production process itself. This gives us the option to choose where to use the magnets and indeed we use them in motor vehicles, electronic devices and even products for the household.

One of the ferrite magnets’ great qualities is its lower price compared to other magnets available on the market. This fact results in a wide use of them, actually everywhere. Other very important qualities which also push the use of these magnets upward are their great resistance to environmental changes and damages and even oxidation processes. Unlike other magnets, there is literally no need to protect these magnets when is use because they are so strong, thus so reliable and almost irreplaceable.

Because they are manufactured in a lab, you can count on their availability and whenever you pick up the phone to order some, you can be sure the answer will be positive, and that the shipment will arrive in no time.

Ferrite magnets for all

Indeed, due to the heavier weight of the advantages bag hanged on the scales of ferrite magnets, we can foresee that the use will just keep getting wider and larger. Everyone use them in one way or another, and why not? It’s been doing only good.

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