How a Perfume Can Make the Mood?

Magic potions. We’ve all wished for them. We’ve all hoped for a splash of wonder to rescue us. Who isn’t charmed by the idea of the solution to all life’s problems in a beautiful little vile?

Magic potions may still be a matter of folklore, but the idea that life can be enhanced by the contents a little glass bottle is becoming more and more a reality. That is because sophisticated scents are making a big impact on how women set the mood and tone of their life.

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Today’s perfumes are powerhouse tools that let women pamper themselves and create an irresistible cloud of allure!

Magic Starts in the Nose

Did you know that your nose is the gateway to relaxation, romance, and good feelings?

Magical smell

The human brain has a very intense response to smells. For this reason, perfume is quite a powerful tool – so, use it wisely, girls. The fragrance you select as a personal scent can have a big impact in how people perceive you and what type of mood you create. So next time you get dressed, don’t consider yourself fully accessorized, until you have applied a few spritzes of magic.

Deciding what scent deserves to become your signature scent is almost as complicated as choosing your morning outfit. But fear not, a quick study of the world of perfumes will leave you smelling like roses. By breaking down the common ingredients in some of the world’s most popular scents and studying which elements make which kind of impression, you are on your way to mastering a mood-setting fragrance.

Certain scents work with your body chemistry to create a nearly supernatural explosion of beautiful smells and allure. Whether the mood you want to set is powerful, playful, or everything in between, the right perfume can make you the center of any room.

Every woman should have a signature scent that puts her in control of the mood around her. Here is a list of the top ten six ingredients that will help you work a little perfume magic:

Ingredient: Jasmine
Moods it Achieves: Mysterious, sexy, flirtatious

Few things stir up tropical desires like a waft of the jasmine plant. The true pearl of the Orient, jasmine has been treasured as a sensual scent for centuries. Many popular perfumes contain jasmine precisely because it holds such a remarkable and dynamic scent that is powerful while never overwhelming or hijacking the senses.

The smell is at once boldly romantic and soothingly subtle. In fact, Jasmine is so widely renowned for its soothing properties that it is widely used in teas. If you demand a slightly more aggressive scent in your perfumes, it is beneficial to select a formula that features jasmine but offsets it with a hint of a more dominating aroma such as musk.

Some of the most iconic fragrances in the world feature jasmine as the main component, including the timeless No. 5 by Chanel. Jasmine is every woman’s best bet on a first date, or to rekindle some attraction.

Ingredient: Tropical Fruits
Moods it Achieves: Fun, Flirty, Youthful

A cocktail of tropical fruits is a refreshing way to wear fragrance. Right now, some of the biggest perfume brands are dedicated their fragrances to the exciting fruits of the tropics. Exotic Lychee, Quince, and Kiwi have found their way into perfume bottles from scent superstars like Britney Spears. Calvin Klein is fond of interjecting papaya and pineapple into some of his most signature fragrances. More frequently found in all types of perfumes is orange blossom.

Leaving behind decades of stuffy perfumes, these scents are literally a breath of fresh air for women who want a fruity, fun spritz for their daily scent. Makes a great weekend fragrance. Be sure to pack some fruity perfume in your get-away bag for vacations or day trips.

Ingredient: Freesia
Moods it Achieves: Cleanliness, airiness, simplicity

Take in a breath of freedom with freesia. This flower has a reputation for being airy and fresh. It brings about a clear mind, and harkens one’s imaginations to thoughts of freshly-cleaned linen wafting in the breeze on a spring day. Perfumes infused with freesia make it possible to carry this wholesome and comforting scent with you all day long.

A perfume that boasts freesia as a main ingredient is a great daytime fragrance because it is so clean and simple. It will set a pleasant mood at the workplace, as it is never astringent or overwhelming to sensitive coworkers.

Ingredient: Lavender
Moods it Achieves: Unapologetic femininity, comfort, attraction

Looking to get noticed? Level the playing field with lavender. This fragrant purple flower has a scent that is distinctly feminine, and strong in a controlled and refined way. The essential oils in lavender are famed the world over for their therapeutic properties. They help mental well-being and skin.

So, don’t be surprised if once you spritz on your lavender perfume, being don’t suddenly flock to being near you. This scent is wonderful for daily wear, whether at the workplace or just carrying out day-to-day errands with friends and family. People seem to be drawn to lavender because of the softness and sweetness it embodies.

Ingredient: Sandalwood
Moods it Achieves: Assertiveness, curiosity, provocation

Traditionally, sandalwood is a staple of men’s cologne and fragrances. However, some daring, and not to mention savvy, perfume makers have interjected the fragrance into women’s perfumes alongside the typical flower scents. The result is a high-octane scent that is both a contradiction and an addiction. Sandalwood brings a hard edge to frame the softness of floral ingredients.

The result is a perfume that is highly tuned into sensory receptors and which is sure to turn some heads. Sandalwood is a feature in Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrances. It is a great scent choice if you want to make bold statement on a first date or if you want to attract the curiosity of everyone you pass while on a night out with the girls.

Ingredient: Vanilla
Moods it Achieves: Innocence, sweetness, deliciousness

Have you ever dreamed about smelling good enough to eat? Vanilla scented perfume can make it a reality. The sweet and innocent smell of vanilla is enough to break down anyone’s defenses. The scent creates a dessert-like aura around any lady who wears it.

This is a fantastic choice for a date night on the town or for romantic engagements such as weddings, proms, or formal events.

Now Go Out There and Claim Your Own

Once you find the perfume with the perfect ingredients for what mood you want to set, it truly is like having a magic potion.

Nature is the best supplier of alluring scents, and the natural elements and ingredients listed above are your gateway into an ethereal forest of fragrances, to set the mood right.

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