How to Choose the Right Party Shoes?

A big night out is looming. You know everyone will be paying attention to what you have on. You’ve already said yes to the dress, but the shoes are up in the air.
Party Shoes

What is a girl to do?

If you are unsure about how to choose dress shoes, then there are some important rules you should pay close attention to before the next time you step out of your house for a special occasion. The right pair of shoes should keep you grounded in any social situation. The tricky part is identifying which shoes are going to work for the given situation.

Not all social events are created equal, and not all shoe choices will be judged equally. Here is a fool proof guide to choosing dress shoes that will leave you standing on your own two feet.

Be a Fashionable Wedding Guest

One of the most frequent dress-up occasion is weddings. Being invited to a wedding is always a pleasure, but sometimes picking out the right shoes can be a pain. Sure, you want to show off in a pair of stiletto heels to accentuate your legs, but you also want to feel comfortable on the dance floor, instead of limping your way to the bouquet toss because of uncomfortable shoes.

The good news is, high heels, even stilettos, are perfectly acceptable for just about any wedding. But there is one small caveat to this rule, your shoes must have straps. You see, high heel shoes that you merely slip into create a hazard for literally falling out of your shoes while dancing or walking.

Think about it, after an evening of working up a sweat on the dance floor, or sipping more than your share from the open bar, shoes without proper straps can be a hazard. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing “Cinderella” about being the girl who loses her shoes after a long night.
So go ahead and choose a daring pair of shoes, but just make sure the shoes are designed to stay on your feet all night.

Family Footwork

Holidays and family engagements are a great time to express yourself to the people you care about most. Sometimes provocative fashions are best left to Friday nights out on the town instead of Sunday afternoons at grandma’s. Thankfully, there are plenty of fashion-forward styles of shoes that will have you looking stylish and wholesome.

For family functions and gatherings, there is simply no better recommendation than a simple ballet flat. If you are pairing them with a dress, shiny patent leather ballet flats or ones with a hint of sparkle can add some definite flair.
Trendy ballet flats are the best way feel dressed up without feeling overdressed – or overexposed.

Shoes That Work

The right shoes can help you get your foot in the door when it comes to creating a persona for work functions. Every workplace has them, whether it’s a happy hour event or a formal holiday function. If the thought of spending time with co-workers during an after-hours event turns you into a bundle of nerves, don’t worry, the perfect shoes and dress for party time can help you make a fabulous impression.

Black elegant shoes

In fact, once you get over the scary prospect of shedding your work clothes in exchange for party attire, a work party or function can be a wonderful opportunity to add some flair to your look. The trick is to choose dress shoes that make you look fashionable but that don’t shed all of the sensibilities you are known for having at the office.

The goal is to create wow factor, not shock factor. So, what style of shoe can achieve this? The short answer is a peep-toe kitten heel. A peep-toe kitten heel is a great mid-point between the severity of the classic high heel shoe and the cuteness of sandals. A pair of kitten heels is high enough to accentuate and flatter your legs without shortening the length of your dress like a traditional three-inch heels might.

You are going to want to give yourself a raise for achieving such a perfect alignment of serious and sweet!

Remember, the way you approach life should always reflect the way you dress for party time. Picking out shoes you love will help you the real you shine through from head to toe!

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