Interior Design Ideas

Man is a social creature. He is affected by his environment in more ways than one. The external surrounding in which we live has bearings on our mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, in man exists the finer faculties for recognizing and appreciating beauty.

We are attracted by what is beautiful and we like to live among beauty. It is this natural impulse in man that has given birth to interior design ideas. Decoration of the interiors and the surroundings of the buildings in which men live and work is an art form that has been in existence since the time of the Greeks.

Each age in human history has had its own notions of beauty and what followed was differing styles of architecture and interior design ideas.

The same is true for each of the wide spectrum of cultures and civilizations of people that flourished upon this earth.

Hence from the Indian moguls to the Romans, from Victorian England to the French kings Louis XV and Louis XVI, each of the periods contributed something new to the art of interior decoration.

Modern  Art and Interior Design  Ideas

Even today what remains true is the fact, that a beautiful home is a happy home.

The various styles namely the French styles of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the English Victorian, Georgian and Gothic styles, the Islamic, the Buddhist and the Modern, have all amalgamated and contributed to modern interior design ideas.

There also some fairly new styles like the Minimalist and the Art-Deco that have come up as a part of the interior design of the modern decades.

And interior decoration has become a full fledged profession since the turn of the 20th century. There are large and small firms operating now which hires designers on a full time basis while there are also quite a large number of designers who prefer to work on their own.

Outdoor Design Ideas

Interior design ideas are not limited to only the insides of a house or a workplace, shaping the immediate surroundings of these buildings also fall within the scope of interior decoration.

This means designing both the garden and the surrounding landscape of the house.

Interior design ideas include the placing of flora and fauna as well as molding the natural terrain in terms of its shape and elevation, styling land forms and the adding or closing up of water bodies.

Man made structures like benches, fences and sculptures are also often added as is artificial sources of lighting.

Whatever the subject, the goal of interior decoration is to make man’s immediate environment more aesthetically pleasing and all interior design ideas are directed to achieve this effect.