For an avid follower of sports, perhaps the most painful moments are those when the game is in progress and he is in no position to know what is going on in the field.

Perhaps the soccer maniacs are the people who suffered most from this, as unlike in other sports, soccer is the one game where the entire scenario can change in a matter of minutes.
Thankfully, modern technology has found a solution to this problem in the form of Livescore, enabling the access to the latest scores, anywhere and anytime.

Conveniences offered by Livescore

Today Livescore can be accessed by any person using his computer or cell phone. Most of the mobile service providers offer schemes that deliver the score updates at regular intervals, thus helping the man to know what is going on in the field.

Some internet sites also keep a track of the events in the field in real time and the livescore can also be found out through these sites. The technologies used are the same as that are used in broadcasting live coverage of the match. In livescore accessing, the internet has the advantage that the information it provides is much elaborate than the score updates sent by the cellular network provides.

However, mobile updates are more convenient as the user does not have to access the internet and can continue to get the updates irrespective of whether he is in the vicinity of a computer. Some networks have started to combine this feature in their services. By subscribing their offer, messages are sent directly to the mobile without the user needing to access the web.