Tips to Replace a Punctured Tire of Your Car

A puncture in your tire can really put a dent in your plans. A tire disaster can happen at any time.

That’s why it is essential for every woman to have a contingency plan for taking care of her tires. Preparing yourself with a plan can help you feel empowered about your automobile and have you back on the road in no time!

Replace tire

Here is how to make sure a flat tire never deflates your important plans again:

Be Empowered by Being Prepared

The first step to being safe on the road in case of a tire emergency is preparation. Roads, highways, and parking lots are full of objects that can create a hole in your tire. Nails are one of the biggest culprits of tire injuries. If you discover a puncture in your tire, it is important to know how the size and location of the puncture mark can determine what course of action to take for getting your car back in shape.

Discover how to repair a tire yourself, and who can help you when you feel it’s time to call in the professionals. As part of your routine car maintenance, make sure you always a spare or “donut” tire in your trunk.

Getting Through a Blowout

When you experience a tire blowout, stop as quickly as you can. Driving on a shredded tire can cause injury to your car. Pull off to a safe spot. From there you can determine if you will change your own tire or call for help. If you have never changed your tire before, the side of the road may not be the time to learn. One smart plan is to practice changing your tire at home, so that in the case of an emergency, you have already preformed a practice drill.

Keeping a spare tire and a jack in your car can help you, or a third party, to easily change a blown tire. It is important for you to know if your make and model or car includes a wheel lock. Without this manufacturer-issued tool (which is an anti-theft mechanism) you will not be able to remove the old tire.

A smart move for men and women alike is to subscribe to a 24-hour road side assistance service to get them through an emergency. This saves time and money when searching for a local repair service to drive out to where your car is stuck.

Sometimes a Plug Will Do

Feeling adventurous? Some tire puncture repair can be performed at home. The general rule to follow when determining if you can tackle the job yourself is that it’s okay as long as the hole is 1/4″ or less in diameter. There are a variety of tire repair kits available at virtually any auto parts store which can plug the gap. This can be an effective method if the gap is on the tread of the tire.

The tread is the part of the tire that has contact with the road. Do not use this approach if the breach has occurred on the interior, or sidewall, or your tire. This is for your own safety and liability, as an attempt to repair a tire in an inopportune spot can lead to a tire blowout. The kit will have all of the parts you need in order to plug the hole, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Before you begin the process, identify the nail or object embedded into your tread, and pull it out only when you are prepared to immediately use the plug kit. Have a screw driver or pliers on hand in case the embedded object is stubborn. After you have completed the steps outlined in the kit you purchased, make sure to restore your air pressure back to 100%.

Always take the newly-repaired tire for a test drive before embarking on a long trip or cruising on the highway to ensure the tire feels buoyant.

Calling in the Pros

For punctures that exceed 1/4″ in diameter, seeking the guidance of a professional is highly advised. Likewise, if the puncture has made impact on the sidewall of the tire, a self-fix is not advised. If your tire puncture fits the criteria of being under 1/4″ and you simply do not want to tackle the repair yourself, you can still seek professional repair skills.

Luckily, there are a lot of tire specialists who can help you with either repairing your tire, or replacing a tire that is punctured or shredded beyond repair.¬†Essentially any mechanic like Auto Super Shoppes, auto body shop or tire shop should be able to advise you on how to move forward with a tire repair or replacement. A simple professional patch of a tire shouldn’t cost more than twenty or thirty dollars.

Understanding the basics of tire repair can help you feel educated and empowered whether you decide to tackle the repair yourself, or seek out the help of a professional.

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