Hilarious (and Corny) Pick-up Lines

There’s a saying, if you can make someone laugh, you can make them do almost anything. Have you got what it takes to put a smile on someone’s dial? Hilarious pick up lines…

1) Oh sorry, were you just speaking to me? [No] okay, can you start now?

2) Do you know how much an average polar bear would weigh? [No, How much?] They usually weigh enough to break the ice…Great to meet you,¬† I’m (introduce yourself).

3) Hi there, the name’s Doug. Which spells ‘god’ backwards with you(u) packaged up inside it. (she won’t mind if your name isn’t really Doug, so long as she gets a laugh)

4) Hi, my friends dared me to come talk to you, they said I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with you. What if I bought you a few drinks with their money?

5) “I reckon I could kiss you on the mouth and not even touch you.” Then plant one on her and say “oh well, I lost the bet”

6) Tell her you’re physic and you’d like to read her fortune. Take her hand then write down your phone number.

7) I was extremely taken back by your beautiful face, so much so that I walked straight into that wall. For insurance requirements, I’ll need your phone number?

8) So I don’t look silly in front of my mates, can I at least get a fake phone number?

9) Do I look good enough yet? Or shall I buy you some more drinks just to make sure?

10) The funny thing is, the more I drink, the better looking you get!

11) Here’s $50, please keep drinking until I look good enough.

12) I don’t care if the sun never comes up again, your eyes light up my world.

13) I’m just not sure what’s more stunning, the blue sky, the beautiful sea, or your amazing eyes.

14) Were those pants made in space? Your ass is totally out of this world!

15) (Point towards her ass) Excuse me, is this seat available?

16) Your dress would look fantastic in a crumpled heap on the floor of my bedroom in the morning.

17) I bet your Dad is a mechanic? How else would you get such a fine tuned body?

18) Hi, would you like to dance [No] I’m sorry, I don’t think you heard me correctly…u look fat in those pants!!

19) You look so hot, no wonder global warming is getting bad.

20) Are you a believer of love at first sight? Maybe I should turn around and walk past you again?

21) You’ll never guess? You have the same eye color as my Ferrari!

22) Hi, my friend over there would like to know if you think I’m attractive?

There you have a few pickup lines to add to your collection. I you’re a single guy or girl and looking to up your dating life, a well-executed ice-breaker is all you’ll need to improve your dating and social life: Sometimes, it’s the simple things that work best!

About the writer: Matt Fuller provides article and dating services for various free online dating sites in Australia. Matt also provides free dating websites reviews, and online dating tips for single people.

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