Corny Pick Up Lines To Avoid

Huh! What a corny line!

Huh! What a corny line!Why do guys often use such corny pickup lines?
If you are trying to impress a girl with your intelligence and charm, a bad pickup line isn’t going to do it.
Some guys don’t stop trying though, continuing to come up with ridiculous attempts to humor their way into a girl’s heart, or maybe just her pants. Corny pickup lines can be sweet, insulting crude or just plain bad. (HERE is an example of 7 to avoid)

A line like “I must be in heaven, because you sure look like an angel!” falls into the sweet, but still corny, category. The young lady who hears this sweet and corny combo might make a face like she has eaten too much candy corn and is about to throw up.

If she turns her back on you, respond, “Hand me a shovel, ‘cause I’m digging that ass.” This will prompt her to turn around and look at you like she would hit you with a shovel if she had one, or she might just walk away, giving you another opportunity to ogle her posterior.

Also in the sweet and harmless category is the line “There must be something wrong with my eyes, ‘cause I can’t take them off you.” The object of that attempt at charm is likely to roll her eyes and go back to her drink.
When you are ready to step up your game, try something a little more crude that still retains an element of sweetness, such as “Hey sugar pants, I got a sweet tooth for you.” If you lose a tooth after she turns around and slugs you, don’t be surprised.

If you think crude boasting about your private parts will charm an attractive woman, ask, “What has 15 teeth and can hold back the incredible hulk? My zipper.” The hulk and his assistants may be greeted by a girl’s knee moving at a high rate of speed.

If she hasn’t left yet, follow up with “I’m going to wear you like a pair of sunglasses, one leg over each ear.” How could a woman resist that?

When the crude approach does not work, you may have to fall back on a second round of unadorned corniness. Walk up to a beautiful woman and say, “Hey there. You must be tired from running through my mind all day.” Another way to introduce yourself is “Hi, my name is Dave, but you can call me Anytime.” If you get even the tiniest bit of a smile from her, then say, “Can I borrow your phone? I need to call my mom and tell her I’ve found the woman of my dreams.” She will either go home with you or groan and walk away.

If none of these lines work the first time out, don’t give up! There are lots of girls and lots of bars. You’ll get lucky sometime and meet a woman with a sense of humor as bad as yours! :+)