About Digital Marketing and Why it is so Effective

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One of the most effective online marketing venues is digital marketing. Unfortunately, many aspiring online entrepreneurs haven’t discovered its effectiveness.

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In the simplest of terms, digital marketing involves using digital sources that are based on the internet and other forms of electronic signals such as digital display advertising.

Other digital media include the use of cellular phones, radio, and TV in order to promote products or services to the consumer.  It may also involve some of the more traditional internet marketing methods and techniques.

Today, the most popular digital marketing venues are smart phones, the internet, radio and TV.  Additionally, there are now numerous agencies online that specialize in this type of internet marketing venue and assist their clients, with their advertising and their internet marketing campaigns.  In any case, digital marketing has become an extremely popular promotion tool as well as an extremely effective one.

The Difference Between Digital and Internet Marketing

Many novice online entrepreneurs will oftentimes ask, “What is the difference between digital and internet marketing?” Digital marketing uses a variety of different media channels which typically include:

o    Affiliate website banner ads
o    Blogging
o    Cell phone text messaging or SMS (short message service)
o    Outdoor digital advertisements
o    Podcasts
o    RSS (really simple syndication) feeds
o    Video e-mails
o    Voice broadcast
o    Websites

These different digital marketing venues are very effective when it comes to creating brand name awareness and promoting a company’s products or services.

Internet marketing, on the other hand, employs a wide range of marketing methods and techniques despite the fact that they are based on a digital venue, namely the internet.
Internet marketers will employ ever means possible to get information out to a potential client or customer, regarding the products or services they offer the consumer.

The Use of SEO in Digital Marketing

Any successful internet market will quickly tout the benefits of employing search engine optimization or “SEO” in their website content, as a way to generate qualified traffic to their site.

It is a powerful marketing tool, because it enhances sales and profits as well as increasing the flow of traffic to the website.

In closing, no internet marketing, whether it is digital marketing or otherwise, should neglect using SEO.