5 Critical Factors to Consider Before Changing Careers

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If you are becoming increasingly unhappy in your current job, here are a few things to consider and understand before changing careers and starting over.

With the economy being as unstable as it has been for the past three to four years, it is oftentimes difficult to contemplate the possibility of changing one’s career, no matter how a person is suffering with the drudgery of their current jobs.

However, when it gets to the point where that job is negatively impacting that individual’s life at home as well as there health, there may not be much of a choice despite what the economy is doing.

Nerdy Superhero


Changing careers may be necessary, but there are several things that a person should consider first:

Develop a course of action – the only way to maintain one’s sanity and make changing careers go a lot smoother is to come up with a plan and determine exactly what the goal of that career change is.  Until the person stops hiding from the reality of the situation or being in denial about it, they may not realize that their careers are either going nowhere or not delivering what was expected.

In this situation, changing one’s career may be the only solution to the problem.  There is a lot to be said about being re-energized and rejuvenated whenever a person is making a career change.

Understand the need for changing careers – hiding from the reality about one’s career and living in denial about the need for a change never works.  In some ways, changing careers is much like denying the existence of an alcohol or drug addiction.

Until the individual admits that there is a problem and gets help for it, the situation is only going to get worse. That same scenario holds true when a person is miserable in their current career and avoids making a career change.

Job-related stress is a “red flag” – make no mistake about it.  Stress can be a killer.  It is also a red flag or warning sign indicating that a career change is necessary.

Granted, some individuals are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and do something about it, even when they are completely miserable and know that a career change needs to take place fairly soon.

It will make things considerably easier if the person combines their desire and passion with the right career.

Avoid ignoring or neglecting the obvious – many individuals try to ignore or neglect the fact that changing careers is their only option.

From a psychological standpoint, it’s easy to understand why an individual refuses to accept the obvious because many fear leaving that comfort zone and entering uncharted territory.  However, some evaluation is necessary before deciding that it is time for changing careers.

Fitting the career to the person – remember that the person shouldn’t fit themselves to the career, the career should fit the person.  Timing is equally important as well.  In some cases, executing a career change may not be the right decision for the moment.

Changing careers needs to fit three specific needs and wants of the individual – fitting their life, fitting their passion, and paying them what they are worth.