Old Curtains – Crafty Uses

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to mean closing the curtain on your current window drapes. There are many ways to give curtains a second life somewhere inside your home. Curtains are a fantastic source of raw fabric. You can deconstruct your curtains and use the fabric for a variety of crafty projects.


Throw Together Some Throw Pillows

It’s easy to extract blocks of fabric from your old curtains and create pillow covers for accent pillows on your couch or arm chair. You can place the new covers over pillows you already own or you can purchase stock pillows at a fabric store. Cheap pillows can also be purchased in bulk online.

Finished pillows at home decor retailers can cost anywhere between $20 and $100. Transforming your old curtains into fresh new accent pillow cases is a cheap way to add some flair to your home.

Build Some Bunk Bed Curtains

This is a great solution for kids who share a bedroom or for college roommates who bunk. A common complaint about bunk beds is that the person on the bottom bunk often suffers from a lack of privacy.
You can fix this problem by hanging old curtains over the bottom bunk to create a privacy barrier. This creates a sanctuary for the person on the bottom bunk and provides a quiet place for study and sleep.

Make Holidays Merry with a New Christmas Tree Skirt

A natural Christmas tree requires a skirt in order to protect your floor from pine needles and sap. Decorative skirts can be pricey. You can easily create your own custom tree skirt by arranging your old curtains in a circle around your Christmas tree.

It may only take one large curtain to cover the circumference of your tree’s base. If your old curtains are small, you can sew multiple curtains together in a patchwork pattern.

Add Style with a Table Runner

It’s common for people to grow tired of the pattern and color of old curtains over time. However, the pattern might be more palatable in small doses around your house. One great solution for recycling old curtains is to cut a long strip of fabric out of them to create a long table runner.

The table runner will add a pop of color to your kitchen or dining room and create a focal point on your table. You can also cut out a set of matching place mats if you have enough extra fabric.

Old curtains are a treasure trove of raw fabric that is perfect for creating beautiful new accent pieces for your home – the possibilities are endless.