N52 magnets

Where do we find N52 magnets

Throughout the history of this earth, man has been defined and driven by a thirst for knowledge and innovation. He has been relentless in his progress towards a more scientific way of life. Earlier he used to hunt and gather for a living. After that came the time of agriculture and trade. Then the time of kings when any one would try to one-up the other just for supremacy.

Today man is trying even harder to leave the past behind at an ever-increasing pace. His quest for scientific excellence triggered the industrial revolution which led to the establishment of most industries and trade lines.

The way of the naturally sufficient life gave way to the time when man needed huge amounts of resources to fuel his need for progress. Thus he turned to the earth and dug up its various riches from the ground.

Ever since the advent of mining, the earth has been providing man with all the resources he needs. One such resource are the rare earth magnets. A very specific type of these magnets called the N52 magnets are indeed very useful.

How are the N52 magnets made?

The rare earth magnets, as the name suggests, are made up of rare earth metals. Such rare earth metals include cobalt, neodymium, nickel etc. Examples of such magnets are ferrite magnets, alnico magnets etc. Such magnets are very strong and used in various industries. N52 magnets on the other hand belong to the family of neodymium magnets.

These magnets are made of the elements neodymium, iron and boron. They are symbolized as NdFeB, also called NIB. It comes as a range of products: N35, N38, N42, N52 etc. These are in the category of super strong magnets.

The grading of the neodymium magnets are by their strength. The higher the number following N, stronger the magnet. As such N52 magnets are the strongest ones available in the market today. But they are prone to chipping and cracking as they are brittle. Machining such magnets thus becomes difficult.

Also if kept exposed to air the iron rusts. Hence there is a need for plating the magnets to preserve their magnetic properties and prevent corrosion. Nickel is the most preferred medium for coating. These magnets are also highly resistant to demagnetization.

N52 magnets – uses and care

N52 magnets are the strongest magnets known. Hence they need to be handled with extreme care as they may cause damages to the human body and other objects around it. N52 magnets are used in various industries where maximum magnetic strength is required in a small contraption, ideal for delicate work.

They are also used as magnetic bearings of high power. Their super strength packed into their small sizes makes them more useful in using in all kinds of machines and gadgets.

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